Laughter is the Best Medicine

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I finally make it to Travis’ shop by 7:30pm.  The latest “as Taliaferro County turns” is recapped by 8:00pm and the wine glasses are empty by 9:00pm.  I walk outside and try, again, to crank up The Green Goblin without incident-unsuccessfully, I should add.

“Lawd, Honey!” Travis says while walking over to me–now head-bowed deep in please start prayer.  “Wave the white flag on this car, already.”

“Amen.”  I say, lifting my head from the steering wheel.  “And the white flag helps me at the moment because?”

Chuckling, Travis responds “Hell, I don’t know.  Perhaps you can place it in the air, let the wind catch it and drift your way home.  You’d probably make it there before this thing starts.”

By this time, Travis is completely posted between the open door of Goblin.  He has more of a look of sympathy for me then amusement in his last comment.  I, again, rest my head against my arms which are now embracing the steering wheel and begin the please start prayer.  I look up at Travis.

“Is that what we are doing, now?  We are mocking me in my time of need?”

“Well, darling, what do you expect me to…”  Travis’ statement is interrupted by his ringing cell phone.  Travis never has used any other ringtone outside of a normal factory-installed or a telephone.  I can tell by the smile illuminating his face when he looks at the caller id that the party on the other end is none other than his beloved Denise.

“Hey, Baby.”  Travis has the most affectionate names for people at all the right times.  It must be a superpower to be able to make everyone around you smile and feel loved.  “Uh-huh.  No, I’m on my way.  Well, I was.  But right now, Danni is laying 90 degree prostrate before the Lord in prayer.  Uh-huh.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Ha!  I know!  Ha!  Ha!  I told her to wave a white flag and let it…yup…Ha! Ha!..drift her way..ha ha ha ha!”  Travis has himself in tears laughing and joking.

Head still bowed on my arms–“You know.  I have heard laughter is the best medicine.  I’m so excited that I filled your prescriptions, today.  ‘Cuz you two make me sick.”  I raise my head with a smirk. I bow my head again, close my eyes really tight and turn the ignition, again and Goblin revs up.  I look up at Travis.  “See, she got tired of being the butt of your joke.”  I roll my eyes, with a smile, and reach for my door handle.

“Alright, baby, it looks like Goblin lives to fight another day.  Travis says to Denise, on the phone, while not moving out-of-the-way so that I can close the door. I’ll see you when I get home.  Okay.  Love you to.”  Travis pushes the end button on his Samsung Galaxy S4, which he purchased under duress when his previous iphone locked up and had to be restarted–losing all of his important information.  He had to wait weeks for family, friends and clients to call so that he could, once again, program them into his phone.  He still doesn’t have them all programmed.  Each time one of his long, lost callers call, Travis repeats the rage of how he lost all his numbers and is still trying to recoop-so he’s glad you called.  Travis leans down.  “Alright, sugar.”  He says as he gives me a kiss goodbye.  “Call me when you get home.  Love you.”

“Of’ course, Luvy.”  MUAH.  Thanks for the drinks and the laughs. I say while pulling the door closed.  “Love you, too.”  I watch Travis as he walks to his silver, Mitsubishi L200 and gets into his vehicle.  Once Travis is securely into his vehicle, I push the gas, place Goblin in reverse, back out of the parking space, place Goblin in drive and drive off.

Okay, Goblin,I need you to get it together.  We have too much going on for you to act up, now.

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