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Aww, Nuts!!

Aww, Nuts!!

I really enjoyed my dad’s birthday party.  It was just a small, family gathering.  Well, at least it started off that way.  Then, my brother’s girlfriend showed up.  Then, my sister’s fiance’s niece and her best friend.  Of course, we can’t forget my three friends who call my dad, their dad, which isn’t really unusual […]

Happy Birthday,  Daddy! Thanks for my car.

Happy Birthday, Daddy! Thanks for my car.

Well, I did get my “one more day,” sorta.  My one day ended up being half day–the half of which took me straight to the Honda dealer car lot.  After my mom got home and ranted to my dad, who sat in silence, as my mom, pointing her freshly polished index finger back and forth […]

All I Need is One More Day

My Friday off was just that–OFF!! I had a concrete plan of action:  Wake up, take my daisies (my mom and Lulu) to breakfast, go get a nail fill-in/pedicure for me and a mani-pedi for the girls, shop for birthday cards and gifts for Sasha and be done with it.  I had everything planned until…The […]

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I finally make it to Travis’ shop by 7:30pm.  The latest “as Taliaferro County turns” is recapped by 8:00pm and the wine glasses are empty by 9:00pm.  I walk outside and try, again, to crank up The Green Goblin without incident-unsuccessfully, I should add. “Lawd, Honey!” Travis says while walking over to me–now head-bowed deep […]

We’ll Have Time–Famous Last Words

I finally decide to give up the ghost for this day.  Perhaps, the next time I come to work, I will have the mindset of doing absolutely nothing. Maybe then, I will conquer the world.  Well, with the weekend here, maybe, I will have an opportunity to work on some of my Danni-Do list.  Let’s […]

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