A Vision of Love

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Time for today’s Sweet Danni J Moment: Not too long ago, Chris and I met a single mom and a married couple. The single mom spoke on how she has good kids–everyone has issues, but they are good kids and she tells them that. I told the mom we are careful to tell Chris how proud we are of him and encourage him. He’s my blessing. Then, the wife told her husband “maybe we should try that. Maybe we should tell our kids they are good and we are proud of them. ” The husband says “I would like to, but they’ve never given me anything to be proud of.” I nearly cried. I told him just try to encourage them–tell them you love them. He responded “What about when they say they hate you and you’re not my father, I wish you were dead!” YUP TEARS WERE GOING NOW!! (You KNOW I’m a crybaby) I looked at him with tears in my eyes, holding my son’s hand and told him-When I think of all the times I hurt my parents–some of the God awful things I’ve said and they’ve never stopped loving me. But we come back…and now, I’m in my 30s trying to get back time that I can’t. They’re older and some of that lost/wasted time is just that–lost and wasted. Then, I told him how proud I was of HIM. How proud and thankful that he is STILL there–as a parent as a man–as a father. I told him to love his children, encourage them-tell them and show them love and support–even when they hurt you to your very core. .they’ll be back. We ALWAYS come back. Then MY CHRIS did THE MOST AMAZING THING! He let go of my hand, went over to this man (who now had tears in his eyes) and shook his hand and gave him a hug. Then, he hugged the single mom next to the couple. I FELL DEEPER IN LOVE WITH THIS CHILD!! There are so many things to sum up this story–but I teach my child love by showing and being love–which makes it easier for him to love others. My parents are love. My family isn’t perfect, but when we love–WE GET IT RIGHT. Nope, I didn’t preach to this couple–We showed them the love of Christ by BEING the love of Christ. People KNOW when you got God on the inside. You don’t have to walk around screaming Lord Lord–He exudes on the outside. Some of you can’t win souls because, based on your actions, others want no part of what you have.

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