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Lord, Take Care of Your Baby

Well, Keith has officially got me off task.  Now, I’m supposed to be thinking about something.  I start to drift…again..and just as I begin to push the Google Chrome icon on my monitor I remember a couple of days ago, at this very moment, when I received a notification on my cell phone.  Every muscle […]

I have no clue what I’m supposed to be thinking about.

I really have to take something for my attention deficit.  Keith really looks on a mission, with something really on his mind when he comes in.  I can really tell that he is in to what he is saying, by his directing the mass choir hand movements flaring out of my peripheral, that he is authentically […]

Technology, Like Women, Must be Rubbed Before They Turn On

I finally trudge my way to Mr. Howell’s office and stand, intentionally, just at the door not budging inward. “Yes, Sir.” I say with the most disgust and annoyance anyone can utter–but with a smile, of course.  Again, I’m not even post-positive that Mr. Howell understands the magnitude of the needy odor that exudes from his […]

One Day I’m Going to Write a Book

Flush! Rattle, Rattle, Rattle.  Click-Squeak!  My office sits directly above the men’s bathroom.  Therefore, I am the first point of contact whenever anyone is experiencing a bowel movement crisis.  In addition, because the smell instantly travels up through stainless steel pipes and seeps through the hardwood floors, I receive the first smell-ification that the crisis […]

She Been Drankin’

Click! Click! Click! On my way up to my office, I hear the front door open.  As I look over the Victorian cherry oak balcony that curves from top to the bottom step like that of Gone with the Wind, I see a disarrayed, but beautifully familiar face.  She stood about 5’4,” slender, but not […]

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