We’ll Have Time–Famous Last Words

I finally decide to give up the ghost for this day.  Perhaps, the next time I come to work, I will have the mindset of doing absolutely nothing. Maybe then, I will conquer the world.  Well, with the weekend here, maybe, I will have an opportunity to work on some of my Danni-Do list.  Let’s […]

Boss-Paralegal Counseling Session. Price–1 King-Sized Kit Kat

Talking to you is like talking to a two-year old child with balloons in her hands

I Promise We Work in this Office

On my way back to my office, I distinctly hear a faint whisper of chatter from upstairs.  I know my crazy hasn’t rubbed off on Mr. Roger–HA!–Mr. Rogers–definitely a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood with him around.  I continue walking up the stairs.  Wait!  Is that a female voice?  Oh, CRAP! Shondra!. I skip every two […]

Shake! Shake! Shake!

My new assistant seems to be working out pretty well–once I finally got him to stop calling me “Ms. James.”  I totally feel ages older than him.  I almost demanded that he call me Danni.  Not for pure reasons like wanting him to feel at home or anything noble like that.  With the age difference, […]

The Permanent Smile

It didn’t take them long to find me an assistant.  Apparently, the new guy is the grand nephew of the sister of the aunt of an old client of ours.  Not completely sure how all that works out, but what I can tell you is that he is what amounts to a complete stranger to […]

That’s MISTER to you.

The weekend went by in a blur.  Every since Salina dropped the bomb on me of her leaving, I have been kinda “out of it.”  I even left early on Friday, just because every time I passed by her desk (which was inevitable since of her direct proximity to me) I tried to beg her […]

Lord, Take Care of Your Baby

Well, Keith has officially got me off task.  Now, I’m supposed to be thinking about something.  I start to drift…again..and just as I begin to push the Google Chrome icon on my monitor I remember a couple of days ago, at this very moment, when I received a notification on my cell phone.  Every muscle […]

I have no clue what I’m supposed to be thinking about.

I really have to take something for my attention deficit.  Keith really looks on a mission, with something really on his mind when he comes in.  I can really tell that he is in to what he is saying, by his directing the mass choir hand movements flaring out of my peripheral, that he is authentically […]